Once the 2FA will be enabled as the only method to authenticate on CINECA clusters, you will need to install and configure on your PC a program that allows you to authenticate via 2FA and to download locally the temporary certificate. At CINECA we suggest to use smallstep client.

To obtain the smallstep executable and install it, users can go to the smallstep website and follow the installation steps reported for several operating systems.
In alternative, users can download the executable available in the GitHub repository.

IMPORTANT: users with Ubuntu operating systems (but may happen also for other Linux distributions) should not run the command "sudo apt install step" because this will install a different software that will give errors when following the below instructions.

Once installed, users need to configure smallstep. Instructions depends on the operating systems on your PC:

  1. Setup client step-cli: Linux and Mac users
  2. Setup client step-cli: Windows users
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