Thanks to the new Identity Provider website service users will be able to manage their authentication credentials personally.

For any issue regarding the below procedures or doubts, please write an email to

Change the password

There are several ways to change the password:

The "passwd" command has been disabled.

If you still need to configure your 2FA but you don't remember the password, or your password is expired, the above solutions will not work. Please write to in order to solve the issue.

Recover One-Time Password generator

In case for any reason you have lost access to your OTP generator, you can configure a new one making use of the recovery authentication codes you have saved when configuring the OTP.

At the authentication time, click on Forgot Password. The system will ask your username and will send you a link via email for the recovery.
By clicking on the link, the system will ask for the One-time Password. Click on "Try another way"

Choose "Recovery Authentication Code"

And insert the requested Recovery code

IMPORTANT: the system requires a specific recovery code of the list of codes available. It is described by the "#<number>" identifying the first available recovery code. In the above example it is asking the first (#1) recovery code of the list.

Renew the recovery codes

It is also possible to generate new recovery codes by clicking on "Set up Recovery authentication codes" in the section Recovery authentication codes of Account Security.

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