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MARCONI is the top-level Supercomputer
installed at CINECA,
available for Italian and European research community.





It is a Lenovo NeXtScale system based on Intel technology, 
with a final peak performance around 20PFlop/s

Deployment of Marconi is starting mid-April,
the complete delivery expected as autumn 2017.

The first part (2 PFlop/s conventional "Broadwell" based)  
is in full production as July 2016.

The second part (11 PFlop/s many-core "KnightLandings" based)
is in full production as Jan 2017

The third part (about 7 PFlop/s conventional "skylake" based)
will be available starting from Aug 2017


Press release (in Italian)

Press release (in English)



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