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There are several ways to access our HPC Systems.

Access via Secure Shell (SSH)

The Secure Shell protocol allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel between two computers. SSH is typically used for logging into a remote machine and executing commands (remote console), but it can also be used to run programs and transfer files. The ssh client is usually pre-loaded on Linux and Mac systems, while on Windows systems, you have to download and install an SSH client. For example, Powershell, openSSH, Putty or Tectia.
The access is done via one of the following commands:


Notice: we have identified a potential issue for local PC with openssh 8.6 (check with the command "ssh -V"). The solution can be found here in our FAQ page.

Access via Desktop Based Tool

It is possible to access a "desktop" based way (particularly useful if you are using visualization tools) by using our Remote Connection Manager (RCM).
RCM is a client/server application to connect to HPC machines using graphical mode.
This specific document has a detailed description of how to install and use it.

Access to download or upload data

You can use several protocols or utilities to access our systems to upload or retrieve your data:


Additional details can be found on Data transfer dedicated page.

Policy for password definition

Once logged, you can change your password using the passwd command.
If you change the password on one system, it will be automatically changed on all of them (the propagation can take up to one hour).